Work-based apprenticeships in England

Apprenticeship routes have been developed for most of the healthcare professions. To enter the professions through this route you will need an employer willing to put you through an apprenticeship. The standards of qualification are the same as for other routes and you will attend a university for some of your learning but this route takes a little longer, usually four years rather than three.

Apprentices do not pay tuition fees and are not eligible for student loans. They do draw a salary during their training. This route may appeal to those already working in the health and social care sector and can be a good opportunity for career progression for those who prefer to work alongside their studies.

Despite receiving a lot of press and policy attention, at the moment there are limited opportunities to study for pre-registration degrees through apprenticeships. This is partly because these routes are new.

The Government is committed to delivering nursing associate apprenticeships. For some, this senior support worker role will be a stepping stone into nursing.

If you are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship we recommend you speak to your employer or contact your local Trust. You can find out on the Skills for Health Healthcare Apprenticeships website which subjects have approved apprenticeship routes.